Bruno Latour

Bruno Latour fecha a etapa de Salvador do Simpósio com palestra sobre a crise ecológica e a exigência de uma nova “metafísica da objetividade”. A palestra promete tratar esse tema através de trabalhos empíricos com cartografias de controvérsias. Abaixo o resumo em inglês enviado pelo autor.

“Which alternative eikos for fully documented objects?”

While objects have lived a somewhat clandestine life in the naturalists’ official philosophy, ecological crisis give a strong urgency to the search for alternative metaphysics of objectivities that do not turn their attention toward the “intentional subject” either. At the time of the “anthropocene”, the metaphysics of objectivity has to be reevaluated. Through the empirical work done in mapping controversies around matters of concern, the lecture will propose a way to document objects in a different way.